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'I don’t know how to describe my work.  

Because it’s not always the same thing. 

It’s like asking Miles Davis;

Well, how does your horn sounds ?'

(quote by Jean Michel Basquiat)





Right now and right here I AM.

 An Artist, a 'Painter' with a message.


 With the resources of the art of painting 

I express myself and spread my message.


A message of everything that is

 and everything that is not.

A message of peace, love, unity 

and the destructive power of fear.


I let my own emotions

create my creations.

Emotions that I prefer not 

to be defined by words.

For that reason I feel it is totally unnecessarily to provide 

a declaration in words.

Why my art is the way it is.

In fact my motivation to express myself 

with artistic means almost disappears

 in its whole, if it is already possible to explain it in words.


'Painting is my medium for expressing and eliciting emotions. 

Viewers’ reactions to my work fascinate and inspire me.'

My paintings are an expression 

of my own view of the world.

My vision is still in development 

and therefore a dilemma for anyone 

to trust.Not even for myself, 

Maybe tomorrow 

I think differently about the things.


To me a painting has succeeded 

if it gives the spectator a 'feeling'.

That feeling does not always

 has to be pleasant.

It’s okay when it is a little painful,

 confrontating or shocking. 


My aim with my art is to stimulate and inspire the souls of mankind &

making people think for themselves, even if they totally disagree and… with me.


The choice is to the spectator himself. The contemplator is free to interpret.

Find out for Yourself if my paintings touch you or if they do not.

If You like them or don’t like them at all.

What one does, if they will reject or accept them, that choice is 

to the person itself.


But for me personally,

 it’s important to remember that… 

It is more important how an artist 

sends his message into the world,

 then how other people will receive it.

It is not my responsibility how others will accept my personal truth. 


I can only make sure that I bring 

my truth 'well' outside.

And with 'well' I don’t mean how clear

 or understandable. 


I mean how loving, how sensitive, how bravely and how complete in all its symplicity.


'Although my personality is revealed through my art,

 I do not wish to force an interpretation upon my audience.'

Everyone = Free 2 INTERPRET for themselves.


-Govert Oost 2021-

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