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'It’s wrong to consider a painting as a square on the wall.

The square in itself already is an art form'.

(quote by Donald Judd) 

Govert Oost


 I started looking for a practical solution to carry and move large paintings.

That is how I developed demountable constructions using multiple panels,

containing one painting or collage. Also to give the image more 'body'.

Foto 1 Synonsis_.jpg

Initially the sticks and bolts were only used to fulfil a practical solution.
Later they became an essential and image bearing part of my works.

Foto 2 Synopsis_.jpg

After that I made the constructions component of the art of painting.
Then I went on the search for more symbolism and 'simplicity'.

Foto 3 Synopsis_.jpg
Foto 4 Synopsis_.jpg
Foto 6 Synopsis_.jpg

By expanding the wooden 'framework', my artwork comes off the wall

and creates a kind of three dimensional sculptural painting. 

Foto 7 Synopsis_.jpg

Symbolism heavily influences my artwork . This includes; the cross and the crucifixion (condamnation), The way paint is applied, structures, the numerical representation, triptychs and the use of or the lack of color. Symbolism determines both the shape and composition of my works.

Foto 8 Synopsis_.jpg

My aim is to use only the 'traditional resources of the art of painting'
(Paint, mostly acrylic and canvas on wood)
Even though some works come completely off the wall and are free in space,
for me they remain paintings and art of painting.

My intention is to explore the combination of symbolism, drama and aesthetics.

My work is mainly dominated by the message of how destructive fear can be pertaining to unity.
We all are and we are all one.

- Govert Oost 2021 -

Foto 9 Synopsis_.jpg


Fundamental painter

I've never bought a pre-prepared canvas before. I make my canvases myself.


For me, the basis of a painting is the wooden frame on which I then stretch the canvas myself.


Thus I can play with the form of the final work from the start.

In the beginning I started with simple squares and rectangles, then I let my works come into space,

first as painterly wall sculptures, later also free-standing paintings.


In the end I started experimenting more with the shapes and structures.

Since I only use the means of painting, I regard my three-dimensional sculptures as paintings. 

1. Sawing the wood.jpg

Sawing the wood

Copia de 6.JPG

Applying canvas and cardboard

3. Backside.jpg


4. making photos.jpg

Making photos

5. The result. Dualism (diptych). Truth (triptych) together diptych. (or fivtych)_.jpg

The result. Dualism (diptych). Truth (triptych) together diptych.

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